Kearney High School Changes Rules for Sports Attendees

KHS changed the number of family members that a player can have attend their games from four members to six members for softball, volleyball, and football games at all levels. 
Changes for Varsity Football only include the following:
For Reserve football players, no family will be allowed to attend the game.  The Reserve players will enter the facility at the Southwest gate at Cope Stadium.  The Players will be required to wear masks and practice social distancing standards throughout the game.
Only 130 junior or senior KHS Rowdies will be allowed to attend the game.  The KHS Activities Office will announce a plan for signing up for a random lottery for selected students to attend the game.  Students will need to present their ID prior to entry.  The Rowdie Section will be located in the North Endzone and students will enter through the Main Gate only.  Masks will be required and supervisors will enforce social distancing standards throughout the game.  
KPS staff will be allowed to attend the games and must show their staff ID to attend varsity football games at Cope Stadium.