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Mr. VanWinkle's Homepage

Hello and welcome to my homepage. I am an English teacher at Kearney High School. I have been in the teaching profession since 1994. I have been at KHS since the fall of 2005. While working at KHS, I have taught every level of English at least once. My other duties include serving as an assistant football coach  and as an assistant track coach at Kearney High.  Below, you will find information about my schedule for the upcoming year and links to my class syllabi.
Class Schedule Terms One and Two
Block One: English III  
Block Two: English III
Block Three: Honors English II 
Block Four:Honors English II
Block Five: Planning/ Conferencing
Class Schedule Terms Three and Four
Block One: English II
Block Two: English II
Block Three: Planning/ Conferencing
Block Four: English III
Block Five:  English III