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Jennifer Cramer

  • Teaching Family and Consumer Science (FCS) at Kearney High since 2017
  • FCCLA (Family, Career & Community Leaders of America) Adviser
  • From small town Wyoming - Go Pokes!! 
  • Attended Chadron State College for both undergrad and graduate work
  • Enjoy being outside as much as possible - running, biking, & kayaking!
2020-2021 Class Schedule 
Term 1
Block 1: Child Development
Block 2: Child Development
Block 3: Human Growth & Development
Block 4: Plan
Block 5: Relationships
Term 2
Block 1: Child Development
Block 2: Child Development
Block 3: Human Growth & Development
Block 4: Fashion Design
Block 5: Plan
Term 3
Block 1: Child Development
Block 2: Child Development
Block 3: Human Growth & Development
Block 4: Parenting Decisions
Block 5: Plan
Term 4
Block 1: Human Growth & Development
Block 2: Relationships
Block 3: Human Growth & Development
Block 4: Relationships
Block 5: Plan
Course Descriptions
Human Growth & Development
This course explores the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of individuals across the lifespan. External impacts on development including family structure and practices, social and technological forces, and resources available to individuals and their outcomes will be explored.
Child Development
Are you interested in psychology? Do you plan to work with children sometime in the future? Are you concerned about the welfare of children in our society? Then Child Development may be the place to find some answers. Concepts to be explored will be related to children from infancy to toddler to preschooler and early elementary. Issues such a physical, social, emotional and mental development will be discussed. Theories by Piaget, Erikson, Kohlberg and others will be applied to the development of the child for a clearer understanding of the theory and of the child. There will be opportunities to observe children in different settings and to actually work with preschoolers in a group setting.
Are you interested in a career as a psychologist, social worker, or therapist? This course would be helpful to you and is designed to help young adults strengthen the families they live in now and build strong families for the future. It is a discussion-oriented course that provokes students to think and reflect on their relationship skills. Topics of interest include communication and conflict resolution, understanding love and sexuality, partner selection and building a strong marriage. In the end students will have developed skills that strengthen them as individuals and as family members. Meets KHS health credit requirement. 
Parenting Decisions
Will you have a career working with children? (pediatrician, day care provider, early childhood or elementary teacher etc.) Will parenting be a role you fulfill in your life? If so, the concepts studied in Parenting Decisions will be helpful to you. Issues related to parenting such as discipline, day care, costs of raising a child and other responsibilities of parenthood will be investigated. We'll begin with conception and follow the growth of the child through prenatal development, birth and the newborn stage. Other topics of student interest may be explored such as preventing birth defects, new technology, working with special needs children etc. This course will include student projects, speakers and field trips.  
Fashion Design
Are you considering a career in fashion? If so, the concepts studied in Fashion and Design will be helpful to you. This course is a clothing study with awareness of current trends, clothing resources, and decision-making for clothing selection. A unit in fashion design will be explored along with a unit of fashion merchandising with the exposure to possible careers. Numerous projects will consist of creating fashions through drawing, fashion writing and forecasting. Visual merchandising will be studied as well as advertising. Field trips and tours to study fashion merchandising will be used to enhance the course content whenever possible.