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Keaton Klimek

  • High School- Burwell Public Schools: 2015
  • Bachelor's Degree- University of Nebraska-Kearney: 2019 
  • Master's Degree- University of Nebraska-Kearney: In progress
Teaching Experience:
  • Student Teaching- Kearney High School
  • 1st Year- Plainview Public Schools 7-9th grade math and PE 
  • Current- Kearney High School 
Fall 2020 Schedule:
  • Room: C237
  • Block 1- Plan
  • Block 2- Algebra 1
  • Block 3- Algebra 1A
  • Block 4- Algebra 1A
  • Block 5- Algebra 1
  • I am an avid outdoorsman. I love to hunt and fish in my spare time. During the Spring/Summer months you can often find me on the lake or on my way to the lake. I also like to hunt with my new dog. Ripley is a 1 year old yellow lab who is full of energy and excitement. I also love everything about sports. I play pick up basketball in my spare time and play in a couple of leagues. Coed volleyball in sand and court is another favorite of mine.