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Mr. Kuecker's Information

I have been teaching science at KHS since 2001.  I am endorsed in Mathematics and Chemistry and currently teach chemistry and physical science classes. Additionally, I coach both volleyball and girls basketball. 
This year I will share our online sites with our students in class and will post what I can here as soon as we have that figured out.
I would encourage you to contact me any time you feel the need via email jaykuecker@kearneycats.com  or phone, which is on my syllabus.
Here is my 2020-21 schedule
Block Fall (room) Spring (room)
1 Chemistry (C112) Chemistry (C112)
2 Chemistry (C112) Chemistry (C112)
3 Chemistry (C112) Chemistry (C112)
4 OP. IPS Chemistry (C112)
5 Plan period Plan period
You can find the syllabi by clicking on these links:  Chemistry syllabus,   OP IPS syllabus
Here is a link to Google Classroom.  Each course has it's own code and students will be given this in class or it will be emailed or embedded into Canvas.