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Mr. Korgel

I earned my under graduate at UNK, my Master's degree from ACE. I have been teaching since 2010.


I teach in the Personal Skills Development (PSD) program along with another teacher. 


The purpose of the PSD program is to provide a safe environment in which students can learn through direct instruction skills necessary for social interaction and effective coping strategies to handle the demands of social situations. The program varies somewhat across each of the three age groups in terms of structure and integration of students within the regular classroom setting. In each setting, privileges are earned through a level system, each student's educational program as well as his/her behavior plan is designed by the IEP team, and there is a low student to adult ratio.


I can be contacted by email or phone to the KHS office (308) 698-8060. My assigned planning block in from 2:18-3:41.