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Art at Kearney High School encompasses ceramics, sculpture, graphic design, and printmaking.  Art classes focus on developing design use and knowledge, developing drawing and painting skills, developing an appreciation for art history, an understanding of aesthetics, and the productive use of art criticism in developing a successful composition.  Projects in art classes include a pen and ink rendering, an abstracted watercolor/mixed media contour composition, a non-objective tempera painting, a limited abstract Nebraska acrylic landscape, a realistic graphite self-portrait,  a realistic human figure charcoal rendering, an abstract pastel still-life,  an architectural watercolor painting completed in the style of the student’s choice, a mixed-media collage emphasizing individual design, and a value study scratchboard, a modern art composition, a comparison of subject versus style, and a Prismacolor fantasy self-portrait. Sketchbooks are assigned for note-taking, frequent sketching assignment options, and to develop skill and creativity, and creative play.
Art courses meet for one term (9 weeks) every day for one block.  Courses include Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, Art 4, Printmaking, Plein Air, MONA Junior Curator, Graphic Design 1, Graphic Design 2, Graphic Design 3, Bearcat Design, Ceramics 1, Ceramics 2, Ceramics 3, Sculpture 1, and Sculpture 2
poster designed by studentssports poster designed by students
There are three graphic design classes. Students participate in Bearcat Design Project, an in-house internship focusing on client projects in the community.  (Two posters designed by KHS graphic arts students)
The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is an organization that any art enthusiast can join.  NAHS meets twice a month and provides an opportunity to expand experience in art and in creating art, community involvement in visual art (MONA, guest speakers, etc), and traveling to Omaha or Lincoln to tour museums, artist studios, design companies, as well as other experiences in art.  NAHS won the Hastings Mural competition 3 years in a row.
KHS student artists have received Scholastic Art Awards at the local level as well as one student who received a Scholastic Art National Gold Medal in 2019.  Each year our students participate in the Governor's Art Show.  Several KHS students have been selected for the 'Mediums For Change' competition, with one selected as '2020 Visionary'. 
Many art students go on to seek a career in art or go to college for art, specializing in art education, graphic design, studio arts, and other degrees.