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College, Career, & Life Readiness


At Kearney High School, we have developed an intentional and supportive educational model that delivers robust career education to all of our students. This model includes appropriately assessing student strengths, career interests, and career codes through the use of a variety of assessment tools. This information is gathered and used by both students and staff to advise students on meaningful course selections and completion of programs of study. Our model also includes opportunities for contextualized learning, tailored career exploration, and application experiences. It is our goal to provide highly skilled students that can transition seamlessly from high school to college, tech school, or the workforce with certification needed to meet community and industry demands.


Career Fields

The goal of our model is to guide students towards one or more of the 6 career fields for further exploration and focused career education. At the core of these fields is a rigorous group of core courses included in the Core Academy. These prepare students for both high school graduation and any post-secondary plans that they may have. Students will focus on these cores during the 9th and 10th-grade year as they explore themselves, potential career options, and post-secondary plans.

Prior to their 11th-grade year, students will select a career field that best fits their interests and abilities. The Career Fields at Kearney High School are organized around the Nebraska Career Fields and provide ways for students to explore the diversity of career options available to them and to begin to prepare for their career with plans for secondary and postsecondary education.


Programs of Study

Once a Career Field has been selected, students can choose a more specific program of study within that field. The specific course of study is known as a program. Educational programs of study are designed to give students choices that make learning more relevant for each individual learner. The focus of a program of study is to create a sequence of courses that is both relevant and interesting to individual students and their educational and career goals. Through the understanding and analysis of their assessment results, students will be able to select multiple programs of study that aligns with their individual educational interests and future plans.


Key Components

Community Partnerships

Strong partnerships with local Colleges and Universities as well as businesses and community advisory boards drive instruction based on local economic and industry needs. 


Contextual Learning (Integrated Curriculum)

The curriculum is designed around projects that help students make connections across subject areas, and acquire valuable workplace skills, and see their education as a step toward long-term career

Work-Based Learning

Students participate in authentic work-based learning activities including internships, job shadows, career organizations, and industry certification programs.

Work-Based Learning Experiences

Work-Based Learning Experiences are a fundamental piece of education at Kearney High School. The mission of work-based learning is to connect the classroom and the community to create experiences for students to use and apply their academic and career education knowledge and skills in the real world. These opportunities maximize student interests, strengths, and career aspirations.

Work-based learning provides students a meaningful experience in the workplace while still in high school. These activities can take many different forms. They range from career awareness and exploration to work site learning experiences that involve active student participation in the workplace. Some work-based learning experiences at Kearney High School include job shadows, internships, and exploratory online Career and Technical Education Courses. Students who would like more information regarding work-based learning options within their area of interest should visit with their guidance counselor.