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Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment  Program provides an opportunity for high school students to obtain college credit for a portion of the actual tuition and fees. Classes will be taught at the high school by a high school instructor approved that is approved by the partnering secondary institution. In some circumstances, the course will be taught by a University or College Professor on campus.  The credit earned is applied toward high school credit and college credit. The grades earned in dual enrollment courses may be the first college grades a student will receive and become a permanent part of the student’s permanent college academic record no matter what institution the student decides to attend after high school graduation.


Transferring Credits
Acceptance of dual enrollment credit is subject to specific institutional policy for transfer credit. Before enrolling in a dual enrollment course, it is important to determine how the course will transfer to each university or college the student may be planning to attend. Kearney High School is not able to control credits awarded, withdrawals from the course, refunds or reimbursements or other issues with the university credit.  Students must work with the individual university.Students are not allowed to transfer in any other dual credit courses except those that are recognized by KHS.


When to Enroll
The decision to enroll in dual credit needs to be made at the beginning of the semester regardless of which term the student is taking the course. It is strongly encouraged that students are 16 years or older. It is at the discretion of the teacher, counselor and administrator if a sophomore who is not 16 is allowed to take the course for dual enrollment.

Kearney High School currently has a dual enrollment cooperative agreement with Central Community College and the University of Nebraska - Kearney


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