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Recommendation Letter Request


  1. Please complete the form below at least 2 weeks prior to your university deadline. Required fields marked with an asterisk*.
  2. Please take your completed resume and recommendation FAQ sheet (linked at the bottom of this form) in person to your counselor. You must also do this at least 2 weeks prior to your university deadline.
Who is your counselor?*
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How does your letter need to be submitted? Be sure to include necessary information on your FAQ sheet as well.*
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More tips for asking for a recommendation letter (from a counselor OR teacher):

  • Ask an individual who knows you well. Ask them IN PERSON, even if you filled out this form. The letter will not be written unless you talk your counselor in person and you've completed this form.
  • Provide him/ her with the necessary information about you (see Recommendation Fact Sheet).  Include your resume.
  • Provide an envelope (stamped, if necessary). This is not necessary if the letter is to be submitted online/via Naviance. 
  • Ask that person, personally.  Make an appointment if necessary.
  • Allow the person 10-14 days to complete the recommendation.  Be sure the person understands the requirement for the recommendation.
  • Let the person know when you need the recommendation completed.  
  • Make another personal contact with the recommendation writer to make sure the recommendation has been written, and mailed, if necessary.
  • Write a thank you note for the person who wrote the recommendation for you.


See our "Resume" section under the "College & Career" section of our website for resources and softwares we recommend to create the perfect resume! Print it and take it to your counselor.


Here's a link to the Recommendation FAQ Sheet. It is view only, so you will need to go to "File" then select "Make a copy." Rename it and save it to your drive. Once you've filled it out, print it and take it to your counselor.