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Kearney Area Military Recruiter Contact Information
Branch Name Phone Email
William Solich 531-229-9935
Sean Maddox 402-987-8551
National Guard
Cameron Araujo 402-309-8689
Josh Arends 531-207-3456
Marine Corps Kaleb Bill 515-491-8513
Air Force Andrew Magathan 402-314-6111
Navy Michael Moen
Coast Guard Michael Mahoney 303-585-0714

- The only program that allows you to participate simultaneously while going to college (the National Guard & Reserves do some of this but often students still need to miss 1-2 semesters)

- If a student doesn’t like Army ROTC, they can quit at any time prior to junior year of college.

- Students will start out as a 2 Lieutenant after college either full-time or part-time based on your preference. On active duty, this is ~$51,000 a year right out of college.

- The scholarship ranges from $14,980 to $19,600. 


Contact Damian Cullen at UNK for more information!

The KHS ASVAB test is held annually in December. Stay tuned for details for the 2022 test.
Information for Recruiters
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