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Early Graduation Information





A student is eligible for early completion after Term One, Term Two or Term Three if the student has completed all Kearney High graduation requirements
Exceptions-see the KHS Handbook: "Guidelines for Categories of Students Entering Kearney High School"). 


An "early graduate" is eligible to attend any Kearney High functions (e.g. prom, commencement, dances, games, etc.) but is not eligible to compete in interscholastic or co-curricular competition or activities according to NSAA eligibility requirements (see KHS Handbook:: "Extracurricular Eligibility").


During the term(s) in which the student has opted as "graduation status", the student is considered a non-student at that point for purposes of visiting the school and must report to the office as any visitor is required to do prior to traveling anywhere else in the school building. If the student chooses to attend after-school functions, the participant is required to abide by the same rules and regulations as all other students in attendance.