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Source Link(s) Details
ScholarshipQuest SQ This is an online database of over 2000 scholarships! Students can search based on criteria such as extracurricular activities, GPA, ACT score, etcetera.
National Scholarship Sites These national scholarship sites have been vetted by EducationQuest and are safe, thorough places to search for scholarships. Be careful on Google (or other search engines) for scholarships. There are scams on the internet. Do not provide payment, social security, or other information to access details of a scholarship.
Military Scholarships NROTC Scholarship View list of eligible schools here. Eligibility requirements include a 22 ACT/1000 SAT/ 74 ASVAB, no criminal record, and no excessive tattoos (hand/neck/face).
 Nebraska Department of Education NDE This list includes scholarships based on need, ethnicity and diversity. Direct links to individual scholarships are located on this list as well as additional search resources.
Kearney Area Community Foundation Scholarships
The Kearney Area Community Foundation manages 55 scholarship funds.  With the universal application, you can fill out one application and then find out which scholarships you qualify for. Once your eligibility is determined, you can edit your application for each scholarship as needed. You will need to set up an account to use the application. Just click "Create New Account" on the login page if you need to set one up.
Please review all qualifications before applying for these scholarships.
KHOP, RHOP, KLOP, and RLOP PPT Presentation This slideshow includes details and links for Rural Health Opportunities and Rural Law Opportunities scholarships. The partner institutions for these scholarships are Chadron State College, Peru State College, University of Nebraska at Kearney, and Wayne State College.
Running Scholarship List Outside scholarships and college specific scholarships
Local Scholarships These applications will not open until February. To access the list of local scholarships, create an account. 
Dual Credit Scholarships
KPS Foundation Scholarship
The ACE Scholarship is available to students who have free or reduced lunch and are taking one of our dual credit courses.
The KPS Foundation Scholarship opens at the start of each term. Please check the daily announcements for the link and deadline.
Project Help is a CCC scholarship that our CNA students can apply for.