Dear KPS Stakeholders,


The Nebraska Department of Education and the Nebraska State Board of Education have begun their standards review process for the state’s health curriculum standards.  A team of health educators created the first draft of standards that is published and available for review on the Nebraska Department of Education website (  Your feedback on these curriculum standards is an essential part of this process—the survey link:   NDE Health Standards Survey


Of particular note is Standard 7, Human Growth and Development.  These standards have drawn recent publicity, both positive and negative.  The educational concepts presented have proven to have a high level of controversy. At the request of our local representative on the State Board of Education, Mr. Robin Stevens, we ask all stakeholders to have their voices heard on these proposed standards by participating in the NDE Survey.  All public comments will officially be on the record for the State Board of Education members to consider in the standards revision process.  


To give feedback, please take a moment to complete this important survey from NDE on the proposed health standards through this link NDE Health Standards Survey.  Respondents can give feedback and comments for one or more grade levels.  In the survey, click the grade level link on the survey and scroll down to Standard 7 for specifics on Human Growth & Development.  


Your feedback is vital to this process.  Feedback from all stakeholder groups--teachers, parents, administrators, and students is needed.   At this stage in the curriculum standards review process, the most effective way to have your voice heard is by participating in the state NDE survey.


Thank you for your involvement in this important process!


KPS Board of Education

Kathy Gifford, President