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KHS Daily Announcements


Career Fair - Save the Date - April 23, 2024. There is a Career Fair scheduled at KHS in the Aux Gym. KHS is partnering with the Nebraska Department of Labor to host a career fair for primarily juniors and seniors. It is 10:00-11:30 a.m. You can meet with professionals about real job opportunities. This is NOT a mock interview.  Career Fair Student Sign-up | As of April 1, there are 31 employers scheduled to attend, but more could be added.

  • 10:00-10:40 - individual sign-up or attend with your Block 2 class
  • 10:40-11:00 - Seniors attend with your Bearcat Time
  • 10:55-11:15 - Juniors attend with your Bearcat Time
  • 11:15-11:30 - individual student sign-up

Mid-term grads and Term 3 grads are welcome to attend. Please come to the Activities Entrance Door 16 then to the aux gym to check-in. If there is no parking on the west side, then you can come in the Big K Door 1 Entrance and sign-in at the attendance office and walk to the aux gym

Just a friendly reminder to all:

Please make sure that you are parking legally on campus between 2 yellow lines.

We have more than enough parking stalls for all staff and students.

If your favorite spot/lot is taken, please travel to the east lot by the Big K and park in any of the open stalls.

We have had an increase in drivers choosing to park in handicapped parking, no parking zones, bus zones and on the grass.


Students and Parents:

With the weather changing, please know that the dress code will continue to be enforced.  The most common dress code violations this year are hoods/hats, sagging pants, and midriff shirts.  Please refrain from these dress habits while at school.  Thank you for being respectful to the learning environment.   


From the KHS Administration

2024 Graduates:

ALL fines need to be taken care of by:  Thursday, May 2nd.  Please stop in the Administrative Office, Bearcat Diner and Library today to check your fines and begin the process of paying for them either by check or exact cash.


All incoming freshmen through seniors are welcome to try out. 

There is a parent meet at KHS on April 22nd @ 6:00


Please fill out an interest form located here for more information:




Visit the Bearcat Corner website and use promo code ENDOFYEAR to get 20% off all merch!


See new job opportunities listed on our Student Job Opportunities Page.

At the bottom of our KHS homepage





Bearcat Cares Pantry is stocked with food, drinks, snacks, hygiene products, backpacks, school supplies and clothing. Any student at Kearney High School can access the pantry for free. Please fill out the google doc for more information! 




*Parent Instructions for Observing a Student’s Canvas Courses*

Parents/Guardians can go here to sign up

The first time they visit, they must click in the top right corner to create an account. 

They will need a student pairing code. Here is how a student generates the code for the parent/guardian.

Once the sign up is complete, the parent will return to the like in Step 1 and log in. The Parent/Guardian will then have the observer access to their student’s Canvas courses. 


College Visit Opportunities at KHS

Representatives from various colleges will be visiting KHS again this year.  All juniors and seniors are welcome to sign up to attend any of the colleges they may be interested in learning more about.  You must sign up no later than 12:00 pm the day before the visit.  Please sign up by following the link below and filling out the google doc.  Please see the counseling office if you have any questions regarding the college visits.

Please be advised that the events offered by organizations outside KPS may have sessions, speakers, or content that some parents feel is unsuitable for their children.  KPS recommends that parents review the opportunity closely before students consider attending these events

Kearney Public Schools, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Announce Innovative Kearney Teachers Tomorrow Scholarship Program

KEARNEY, NE — Kearney Public Schools and the University of Nebraska at Kearney are launching the Kearney Teachers Tomorrow (KTOM) scholarship program. This innovative program offers scholarships to students pursuing a teaching degree at UNK. In addition to financial support, KTOM participants will gain hands-on experience in education and are assured a teaching position at KPS upon completion of their degree.

The Kearney Education Collaborative, a joint leadership team of KPS and the UNK College of Education, developed the Kearney Teachers Tomorrow (KTOM) scholarship program that will support 8 new students annually beginning this fall.

Recipients of the KTOM scholarship will earn a $6,000 annual scholarship from KPS for college expenses. UNK will waive housing costs for on-campus residents and provide $1,900 annually to help cover student dues. The value of that financial commitment before other scholarships and aid is more than $14,000 per year.  

KPS Superintendent Jason Mundorf expressed enthusiasm for this program, stating that the Kearney Teachers Tomorrow initiative embodies the school districts’ commitment to education and the community's future. 

“Statistically, we already know that, on average, approximately 30% of Kearney High graduates who attend college go to UNK,” said Mundorf. “We also know that many kids aren’t sure what they want to do in their life when they go to UNK, but these kids love living in Kearney and the many great things it offers them with family, friends and a fantastic community. What they are missing is a “road map” for how to stay in Kearney, attend UNK and ensure employment in Kearney when they graduate. KTOM provides that clearly outlined plan.” 

At KPS, the demand for highly qualified and skilled teachers is high, especially in specific areas such as special education, math, science and world languages. The KTOM program will prioritize students with financial needs who are pursuing the district’s highest-demand teaching endorsements.

UNK Dean of Education Mark Reid highlighted the partnership's benefits to students and the broader education sector. 

"Through the KTOM program, we are breaking down barriers to higher education and empowering our students to pursue their passion for teaching without financial burden," he said. "Our collaboration with KPS is a testament to our shared vision of fostering a highly skilled and dedicated workforce ready to inspire the next generation of learners."

The KTOM scholarship is renewable for four years and includes opportunities for students to work in various roles within KPS during their college years, contributing to their professional development and eligibility for retirement benefits through the Nebraska Public Employees Retirement System (NPERS).

Upon completing their degree at UNK, KTOM graduates are guaranteed a teaching position within Kearney Public Schools, ensuring a seamless transition into their careers. The program prioritizes Kearney High graduates, students pursuing in-demand teaching endorsements, first-time college attendees and those with financial needs. Selection criteria include reviewer’s choice, financial need, volunteerism and GPA.

The deadline for the Fall 2024 scholarship application is May 1, 2024. Students may apply for the KTOM scholarship at https://kps.eformsolutions.com/landing/sign-in

The initiative underscores both institutions' dedication to nurturing homegrown talent and addressing the critical need for qualified educators in the region. "This scholarship initiative is one of the most exciting projects we’ve worked on in the Kearney Education Collaborative. We are committed to working with UNK to find educational opportunities for our students and the broader Kearney area,” expressed Mundorf.

“The KTOM program will create a pathway for success that benefits not only our students, but also our community at large," Mundorf added. "We are excited to welcome the first cohort of KTOM scholars and watch as they grow into the educational leaders of our school district."



Email [email protected]
Phone 308-698-8065