Scott D. Morris Institute

"We need to equip students with the right knowledge, skills and direction to prepare them for life. We need to give them the tools and experiences to align their passion, aptitude and skills to seek the right postsecondary education to prepare them for their chosen career path. We need to prepare them for THEIR future, not OUR past"

  • The Scott D. Morris Institute is more than a space in the building. It is a COMMITMENT to provide a world-class career and technical education resulting in preparation for future jobs that are high demand, high skill, high wage.

  • Will provide students an opportunity to discover their strengths and participate in hands-on learning opportunities.

  • Will focus on the Nebraska Career Education Model and will address all 6 Career Clusters.

  • Is a perfect of example of school/business partnership that focuses on college, career, and life readiness.

  • Real world applications connecting academic standards, skills, and knowledge within the high school curriculum

  • Becoming a part of the talent pipeline for economic growth and workforce development in the region

  • Potential opportunities to obtain industry certifications/credentials

  • A chance to find his/her career calling through career engagement and personal mentoring

  • Opportunity to explore career fields and ensure interest prior to choosing a post secondary pathway.