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Video & News Resources

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Provides a series of 1-2 minute videos that plays one after another for as long as the watcher decides. So, you can watch for 5 minutes or 40 minutes.
PBS NewsHour - Wikipedia
Creates segments of news from their nightly show. Educators can choose to play one or several of the segments. There is also the option to watch the full one hour program.
Up First : NPR
Daily news briefing about 10-15 minutes. Focuses a lot on U.S. Politics. Be forewarned that NPR Up First is a podcast.
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A collection of videos about a myriad of topics. The topics have implications for different areas of the world and are about 10 minutes long.
Media Assets : NPR
Back to our friends at NPR. This is also a podcast. However, this one is only 5 minutes and is also updated every hour.
CNN 10 - CNN
Allows teachers to keep students aware of current events.  CNN 10 can be used as a starting point for a variety of activities.