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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do if my child is sick?

Any time a student is absent from school, it is the responsibility of the parent to call the Attendance Office (698-8065) to verify the student's absence within 48 hours.


Are students allowed to leave campus during the day?

Juniors in good standing may apply for a late start/early release for their senior year during the registration process. Current seniors may apply for a first block or fourth block release if they meet the selection criteria outlined in the student handbook. PLEASE NOTE: Being eligible for a late start/early release is not a guarantee that it will be available. Schedules may be changed to accommodate the request, but, in some cases, may not be possible.


Who should I call if I need to call my student out of school?

If your child needs to be dismissed from school, please call the Attendance Office (698-8065) and a pass to leave school will be given to them.


Are cell phones allowed in school?

Cell phones are allowed at Kearney High School and may be used before school, during passing periods, during lunch, and after school. During class, cell phones should be turned off unless the teacher allows them to be used. Students caught using their cell phones in class without teacher permission will need to place their cell phone in a holder located in the classroom and will be able to retrieve it at the end of the period. Should parents need to contact their child during the day, please contact the KHS Attendance Office instead of calling your child's cell phone.


Who should I contact if I am having concerns about my child?

There are multiple people to contact if you are concerned about your child. At any time, feel free to contact your child's grade level administrator, counselor, or teacher.


Who should I contact if I want to help my child get involved in athletics/activities?

If you are interested in learning more about athletics or activities, feel free to contact the KHS Activities Office at 698-8066.


What is the best way to get in contact with my child's teachers?

The best way to reach teachers is to email them. You can locate their emails in the faculty listing on the KHS website. In the email, state what your concerns are and leave a phone number for them to contact you.


What should I do if my child is struggling in a class?

KHS utilizes Infinite Campus as its Student Information System. Parents can stay on top of grades and attendance by signing in to their parent portal. If you notice that your child is struggling, please reach out to their teacher or their counselor.